Jeanette Meehan was born in 1965 in Point La Haye, Newfoundland, growing up in the outport she was not exposed to any of the art world until she met Christopher Pratt in 1984. She began working as a studio assistant in his studio helping with print making, priming canvases, stretching watercolour paper, and eventually underpainting. Jeanette is represented in Canada by Summer and Grace Gallery in Oakville and provincially by the James Baird Gallery, Pouch Cove. In Europe Jeanette is represented by the Signet Contemporary Art Gallery in the culturally rich neighbourhood of Chelsea & Kensington in London, England.

Artist statement:

I paint things I see and everything I see can be a painting in my eyes. Whether I am out and about or sitting in my house, whether it’s sunny, raining, snowing, everything has it’s own appeal, it’s own right to be seen,  to be painted. The reflections of objects in water, buildings in the snow with their shadows blocking the light, half covered objects in the sand beaten and bruised by the sea, landing on the shore.

I paint to see my ideas come to life, I enjoy the feeling of the paint brush in my hand full of paint covering the canvas, the colors making me experience any day that I have had in my life come alive. Nature, whether natural or accidental is beautiful and that is why I love to paint.

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